1762  Suppression of Jesuits in France. 
1791  Feb. 2nd, Institute begins in Paris. 
1792  Four members are guillotined. 
1801  Pius VII approves the Society. 
1804  Founder, Fr. Clorivière, imprisoned. 
1809  Clorivière released from prison. 
1814  Jesuits re-established in France.   
1820  Father Clorivière dies at age 84. 
1918  Fr. Fontaine revives the Society. 
1952  Priest’s institute is Pontifically approved as a secular institute. 
1972  The Institute opens to lay people. 
2008  Bishop of Sacramento establishes men’s Institute in California. 

Orgins & History

On February 2nd, 1791, at the height of the French Revolution, Father Peter Joseph Picot de Clorivière founded in Paris, France a family ... 
The Family of The
Heart of Jesus
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I was raised Catholic...but that didn’t help one day when my life came to a dead-end. I couldn’t work so I drove to Huntington Beach in southern California and paced up and down the water’s edge out of view of the traffic on Pacific Coast Highway. 25 years old, willful, self-centered, and alone; no connection with God or Church. No love or meaning in my life: “What’s left to live for?” 

I struggled two years for an answer; none came. While walking back to the car, I felt like someone tapped me on my right shoulder so I turned around. No one. I stopped and stared at the low clouds hovering above the Pacific. Suddenly, I knew I wasn’t alone, God was there. My mind and heart filled with peace, like I was now in the presence of God the Father. I wanted to fall on my  knees but in a business suit and now in full view of the highway, I was too embarrassed. At the car my heart was pounding and my mind racing. Now there was hope! 

Then I recalled a nun in the 8th grade telling us about “the dumb ox” who became a great saint and teacher: St. Tho-mas Aquinas. I drove to a library and found a copy of his Summa Theologica.  After a few weeks of reading about God, I made my first good confession in ten years. Finally at peace in mind and heart I thought: I want to give my life to God!” Searching, I found the Church had a new way for a man to consecrate his life to God: secular institutes. Exactly what I wanted and needed: to give my life to God but to stay right where I was, just as I was in the world. 

On May 1st, I promised my life to God forever. I was 26. At the time there were no secular institutes for men in the U.S.A.  After years of praying, searching and stumbling, I found this institute. I’m never alone, Jesus is with me, healing my heart so that I can reflect a little of His love in my life: in my parish, social life and work here in California.