For more information, please contact:
David Bland
Institute of the Heart of Jesus
P.O. Box 41241
Sacramento, CA 95841

Mobile: 213-952-3755
Msgs.:  916-331-8686

The Holy Spirit
  will form us to:

Love like Jesus
Live like him
Feel like him
Think like him 
Act like him
Be chaste like him
Obedient like him
Poor like him
Courageous like him
Faithful as he was
Sacrifice as he did
Help as he helped
Weep as he wept
Smile as he smiled  
and, if necessary,  
Die as he died.
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Men's Institute of The Heart of Jesus
Family of Cor Unum
Office: 202 Avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris, France

The men's institute was approved in 2008 by Sacramento Bishop W. Weigand & confirmed by present bishop of the Sacramento diocese: Bishop Jaime Soto.

Men: single, widower or marriage annulled.