We are laymen, not monks or religious. 
We are each independent & self-supporting. 
We wear no habit, sign or symbol. 
We live alone, with family or other men. 
We each choose how we will serve Christ. 
We consecrate our daily work to God. 
We do the Spiritual Exercises once in life. 
We do a retreat together or alone each year. 
We all live by a simple "Rule of Life."  
We serve the Church but in a discrete way. 
We meet monthly in groups of  3-7 men. 
We choose our work, profession, business. 
We grow in prayer and love of neighbor. 
We do spiritual & corporal works of mercy. 
We follow Christ as our model & teacher. 
We are transformed by the Holy Spirit. 
We may be isolated but united in one Spirit. 
We are of one mind and heart in Christ. 
We are called “consecrated seculars”. 
We pay dues equal to two meals per month. 
We account for what we spend on ourselves. 
We pray & listen to God one hour each day. 

What We Are and What We Are Not.
Jesus came into Galilee...saying
“The time is fulfilled, the Kingdom
of God is at hand; repent and
believe in the gospel.”
Passing along the Sea of Galilee,
He saw Simon and Andrew casting a net
in the sea; for they were
fishermen. Jesus said to them,

“Follow me and I will make
you become fishers of men.”

Immediately they left their nets and
followed him. Going on a little farther,
He saw James the son of  Zebedee and John his brother,
in the boat mending their nets.

Immediately he called them and
They left their father in the boat with
the hiredservants & followed him.

(Mark 1:16-20)
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Men born for a "Secular Institute"
  • Are in the world
  • Are for the world
  • But, are not of the world.
“Apart from me you can do nothing!”
Christ’s words at the Last Supper  (John 15:5)