We Men Are

  • Single adults, widowers, or men whose marriages were annulled.
  • Now in France, Vietnam, Portugal, Chile, India, Africa, & USA.        
  • Engineers, teachers, skilled or un-skilled workers, executives, busi-ness owners, retired, disabled, in the military or public services.
  • Consecrated seculars: that is, very ordinary working men who appear to have NOTHING special. But Christ’s love fused and reflected in our hearts is EVERYTHING.
  • Striving to imitate Christ’s humility and selfless love wherever we are.

New offices now open for business.

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God the Father wants your life! Not as a priest  or a monk but just as you are:  "a man in the world, for the world, but not  of  the world."

The Church has  a new way for us ‘loners’ to follow  Jesus completely  & wholeheartedly.  You don’t have to change anything  in your life: work,  home, family ties, friends, political  or social ties.  

The only “but?”  is: Christ will ask for your heart. If you give it to  Him the Holy Spirit will show you the way  to live each day in His Love and His mission.